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Tiny Projects for Yarn & Colors Must Have Minis

All the fruits!

So you’ve seen the Yarn and Colors Must Have Minis in our webstore and have wondered what to make with these fabulously colourful wee balls of squish. Well we have the answer for you!

The crew at Yarn and Colors have release two Mini CAL’s this year that you can get your hands on for free on the blog on their website.

Click on the photo to the left to got to the introduction to their Fruity Mini CAL and below you will find a list of all the bits you will need to make these scrumptious looking fruity delights.

All the colours (except 102 marble – we recommend substituting 001 white) are available in our webstore:

here, here and here. Make one or make them all, but most of all make sure you have fun!


Yarn and Colors Must-Have Minis in colours:

006 Taupe  

007 Cigar

010 Vanilla  

012 Lemon  

014 Sunflower

016 Cantaloupe

030 Red Wine

031 Cardinal

033 Raspberry

034 Deep Cerise

042 Peach

043 Pearl

051 Plum

059 Dark Blue

060 Navy Blue

078 Bottle

082 Grass

083 Peridot

087 Amazon

102 Marble (substitute 001 white)

Stuffing 250 gr.

2.5 mm crochet hook

Darning needle


Stitch marker

Optional: dark brown marker pen, pink blush