Yarn and Colors Must-Have Minis (036-070)


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How to combine the best of both worlds? Well, with the Must-have Minis, little balls of only 10 grams! A yarn of 100% mercerized cotton and small projects like amigurumi, toys, stuffed animals and colorful accents. The Must-have Minis are the little sisters of the Must-have. And because they are one big family they are similar to each other. Both yarns have the same thickness and the same 100 colors. This way they go perfectly together and apart! 100% mercerized cotton. 4ply/fingering. 2-3.5mm needles/hooks.

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Weight 10 g

036-Lollipop, 037-Cotton Candy, 038-Peony Pink, 039-Salmon, 040-Pink Sand, 041-Coral, 042-Peach, 043-Pearl, 044-Light Pink, 045-Blossom, 046-Pastel Pink, 047-Old Pink, 048-Antique Pink, 049-Fuchsia, 050-Purple Bordeaux, 051-Plum, 052-Orchid, 053-Violet, 054-Grape, 055-Lilac, 056-Lavender, 057-Clematis, 058-Amethyst, 059-Dark Blue, 060-Navy Blue, 061-Denim, 062-Larimar, 063-Ice Blue, 064-Nordic Blue, 065-Turquoise, 066-Blue Lake, 067-Pacific Blue, 068-Sapphire, 069-Petrol Blue, 070-Petroleum


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