About the Yarners

Hello Little Shoppers! We are Deb and Kris and we are as obsessed with yarn as you are.

Little Shop for Yarners started as an idea in the later part of 2020 and born in 2021 as a way for us to share our yarn obsession and all things yarnie with the world, well starting with Australia. World domination comes later 😊

Deb is a super smart science geek who was the brainchild behind Australia’s first dedicated bone museum (she’s an ideas woman), she also has a penchant for dia de los Muertos and yarn, yarn, yarn.

Kris works at a local charity in admin and volunteer management, but would much prefer to spend her days playing in a ball pit bursting with squish, crocheting things and learning to knit.

The first crochet project the ladies worked on together was a crochet coral reef for the Gympie Bone Museum. This was Deb’s first taste of crochet and she was hooked. Can I tell you a secret, you must promise to not tell….. one of the Mr Yarners had a go at crochet and despite Kris’s lacklustre tutelage he managed to create a thing from a string.. Anyway’s moving right along, the little coral reef is on display at the Museum and if you are in the area you simply must pop in and have a look. Not just for the crochet, but for all the lovely bones (macabre but fascinating).  

Little Shop for Yarners is here to give you, and us, a good dose of all things yarny. If you have questions, queries or a wishlist for fabulous yarns you’d love to get your hands on please let us know.