Tulip Heart Stitch Markers Pack of 7


Tulip Stitch Marker
Tulip Stitch Marker
Tulip Stitch Marker
Tulip Stitch Marker
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This slim heart shaped marker is snag-free and will not widen or distort your stitches. Easy to pick up – even off a flat surface.

Inserting a needle into the rounded heart-shaped marker enables you to smoothly pass the marker from one needle to the other. Simply slip the stitch marker onto the receiving needle at the location to mark.

When circular knitting, placing a marker next to the first stitch of a row makes it easier to count the number of rows.

When casting on, placing a stitch marker once every 20 or 30 stitches makes it easy to count the number of stitches.

M 3.25-4.50mm, fits No 3-7
L 5.0-6.50mm, fits No 8-10.5

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