Yarn and Colors Circular Knitting Needles


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Circular needles that are pretty and work perfectly? Look no further!

Yarn & Colors circular needles combined with the matching cables with a curved connector give you the perfect grip and a trendy look.  Mix and match the cables and tips to make the perfect circular needle for any project.

Needle tips are made of aluminum so that the yarn slides smoothly off the needle. The needle tips are available in three colors: silver, gold and rosé gold and go from sizes 3 mm up to 10 mm.

The black cable with silver, gold or rosé gold connectors create your perfect circular knitting needle. The needle tip connectors are slightly angled so that the needles fit comfortably in the hand.  Using the cable key and anti-slip needle grip that are included, it’s simple to screw your needle tips onto the cable.

The cables come in different lengths and can be coupled together using the matching cable connectors to make an extra long cable for large projects.

The cable connectors take the effort out of connecting your Yarn and Colors circular needle cables so you can make the cables as long as you wish. They come in the same three shades as the needle tips and cables. Each package comes with two cable connectors.

Additional information

Needle Tips

3.0mm Rose needle tip, 3.5mm Rose needle tip, 4.0mm Rose needle tip, 4.5mm Rose needle tip, 5.0mm Rose needle tip, 5.5mm Rose needle tip, 6.0mm Rose needle tip, 6.5mm Rose needle tip, 7.0mm Rose needle tip


Rose circular connector

Circular Cables

20cm Rose cable, 30cm Rose cable, 40cm Rose cable, 60cm Rose cable, 80cm Rose cable, 100cm Rose cable


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